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Consulting, Training & Facilitation

Consulting, Training & Facilitation

Offering customized consultation, training & facilitation that may include :


  • Our “Communication for Connection” Framework
  • Challenging conversations and handling conflict effectively
  • Building trust, collaboration, and thriving teams
  • Creating inclusive communities where folks want to work and that drive results
  • Transforming resignation and negativity into possibility and hope
  • Thought partnership to co-design professional development
  • Emotional Intelligence (including certified administration of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient 2.0 Assessment) 

Interested in partnering with me on a consultation, training, or facilitation? Reach out below!


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I also offer a Raising Culturally Competent Kids Workshop. Learn more HERE.

Past Partners:

Boulder Valley School District

Emerging Women


Halliburton Landmark Group



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