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Want to create extraordinary relationships? Solve conflicts with confidence and compassion?  Create connections with greater ease?

“Amazing, truly inspirational, heart-felt, raw, honest, brilliant and BADASS, thoughtful, insightful and SO NEEDED!  So well written, I am obsessed and can’t wait to share it with everyone in my life!”

Kate Morris, Creative Migraine Wellness Practitioner

“Naked Communication is a breath of fresh air in a world of difficult communication. As I read, I found myself saying, “YES! I want that”…or “YES! I felt that way yesterday”. And after finding so much of my own experiences in the book, I was excited to get to a section that gave me practical ways to start implementing the kind of changes I’m hoping for.”

-Katie Douglas, School Administrator

What’s Naked Communication all about?


Relationships are the epicenter of your personal and professional success.

Relationships are messy, and yet they’re everything. Our happiness and success are directly related to the quality of our relationships. In our busy and hectic world, building and sustaining relationships can get lost in the hustle. While we’re often communicating a million times a day, we’re rarely doing what it takes to actually connect. We’re left feeling frustrated, misunderstood, lonely, longing, and unfulfilled. In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to ask for what you really want, so you’re not resentful and exhausted by never getting it
  • How to find the courage to be your true self, so you can connect with people authentically
  • Ways to solve conflicts confidently, so they don’t become explosive or quietly destroy your relationship
  • How to keep your fears of being judged, disappointing others, or asking for “too much” from interfering with true connection
  • The important steps to stop doubting yourself, your desires, and your worth

Naked Communication digs into the reasons you hold back, uncovers your unique patterns, and gives you a path to form the relationships that you really crave and deserve. This book is full of clear actions, moving stories, honest advice, and big encouragement to transform how you relate to yourself and others. With courage and compassion, let’s get “naked.”

About the author

Sage B. Hobbs has worked with thousands of individuals and groups for 15+ years to transform their relationships and increase their fulfillment. She’s known for her direct, insightful, and compassionate approach to personal growth. Sage supports people through her private coaching, training, and speaking and maintains a firm belief that inspiration AND action create the happiness and results people want. Sage lives in Boulder, Colorado with her favorite man on earth and their two awesome kids.

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