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Sage Hobbs Coaching LLC is a woman-owned consulting company. Their focus is on cultivating positive communication that supports thriving cultures, all with a lens on equity and inclusion.  Their work creates relational, mission-driven leaders who build trusting and collaborative cultures, engaged organizations with effective teams, and have a positive social impact that supports the broader community.

Leadership Coaching

With a perfect balance of both insight AND action, you will:

  • Understand and maximize your strengths
  • Discover what holds you back or keeps you stuck
  • Explore your Emotional Intelligence, and how to leverage it for effective leadership
  • Reconnect with the WHY of your work
  • Realign with your vision and goals
  • Partner with a coach who believes in transformation, isn’t afraid to lean into difficult conversations, and supports you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Together, we uncover the patterns that keep you, your team, or your organization stuck so you can live and lead with more clarity, confidence, and courage.

Consulting, Training & Facilitation

Offering customized consultation, training & facilitation that may include :

  • Our “Communication for Connection” Framework
  • Challenging conversations and handling conflict effectively
  • Building trust, collaboration, and thriving teams
  • Creating inclusive communities where folks want to work and that drive results
  • Transforming resignation and negativity into possibility and hope
  • Thought partnership to co-design professional development
  • Emotional Intelligence (including certified administration of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient 2.0 Assessment) 

Online Courses and Workshops

Looking for a done-for-you solution or learning opportunity?

Problems Are Rarely 100% Technical.

  • They require communication, connection, self-management, teamwork and collaboration
  • Learn the essential skills which are often overlooked. These skills are not taught in school.  Improve your ability to solve problems, thrive on teams and lead others.
  • This course is taught through the lens of the technical professional.  Learn from three instructors with a combined 65 years of professional experience.

Together, we’ll learn and practice new skills and discover fresh perspectives.  And you’ll feel totally supported along the way.  You, your team, and your organization want you to thrive, so you can do the work you’re born to do.

Praise + Gratitude


“As someone who was the world’s least likely person to sign up for life coaching, I couldn’t believe how much I looked forward to my weekly calls with Sage during a time of transition and general life panic. She offered up incredible practical tips for reaching my goals, her true gift is to listen (and listen and listen) and then, when it’s her turn to speak—to cut right to the heart of the matter in a single sentence.”

“Sage is incredibly supportive. I felt like I had someone on my team who looked out for my best interest.”

“I have a new life thanks to my work with Sage. Her work goes beyond anything I ever experienced before!

“Sage holds me accountable in such a deeply respectful and accepting way.”

“Sage asks the tough, but essential, questions that allow me to truly think about what I want and need, and take the steps towards my goals. My work with Sage has been instrumental in increasing my self-confidence, self-awareness, and happiness.”

“Sage’s approach was balanced – offering support, while encouraging a sense of empowerment. She has a gift for combining observation, insight, compassion, and clear communication in service of others.”

“Sage helped me identify the deeper purpose that was missing in my life and boldly go after it.”

“Sage’s supportive, down-to-earth nature, combined with a no-nonsense attitude makes her the ideal coach.”

“Sage was quick to realize my potential and patient with helping me realize what an amazing woman I am and what I deserve.”


Here are some of the results clients achieve through our work:

  • Huge breakthroughs in communication and connection with their colleagues, teams, partners, and family.
  • New jobs that aligned with their professional goals 
  • Promotions at work and expanded leadership roles
  • Published their writing and courageously shared their creativity and talent
  • More presence and peace; quieted the constant “busyness” in their daily life to have joy
  • Increased confidence and ability to make clearer choices
  • Clarity on their next steps to take effective action toward their goals
  • Major improvement in the quality of their relationships and their ability to communicate for authentic connection

Past Partners:

Boulder Valley School District

Emerging Women


Halliburton Landmark Group



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