Comedy, Cancel Culture, and Dave Chappelle (Season 6, Ep 6) - Sage B. Hobbs

Season 6 EP6: Comedy, Cancel Culture, and Dave Chappelle


Welcome to Season 6 Episode 6 of Race, Culture & Beyond: A Naked Conversation Podcast. Today we are finally tackling the topic of Cancel Culture and Dave Chappelle.

In this show we're talking about:

  • What Cancel Culture is and who really cares about it
  • Dave Chappell: why we love him and why some people don’t
  • The role of comedy is race conversations

So what do we/you do with all of this?

  • Keep learning!
  • Keep reflecting! 
  • Stay curious and compassionate.

Thank you for listening to the show. It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with you. They are necessary and needed and we are here to do the work.

Xo, Sage & Erica

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