EP0: Naked Conversations Revealed: What to Expect from this Show and Me - Sage B. Hobbs
EP0: Naked Conversations Revealed: What to Expect from this Show and Me
I recorded this episode at what we affectionately call “The Lab” in my house.  

Which really means, on the messy bar top, overlooking the kitchen, that is usually coated in paint, beads, crayons, and other “tools of creativity.” (That’s what I like to call mess when I’m in a good mood.)

Because that’s real life in my world these days. I’m a mom of two kids who hates housework, and really wants to spend my time doing things that matter to me. #laundrycanwait

This is Naked Conversations.  It’s about being more YOU, feeling more confident, alive, powerful, and really connected to the people in your life. Even when it’s scary or uncomfortable.

In future episodes I interview amazing women (and the occasional awesome man) who share their real and inspiring stories with you… Naked style.  Like uncovering the backstories of the “hero next door.”  AKA seemingly ordinary women who are living big, courageous lives.

Meaning: all the struggles, fears, and doubts aren’t edited out.

In this episode, I start with my own story.  Well, at least a few big parts of it that led me here to you and this work.

Honestly, it felt kind of weird to talk to myself, about myself, in a microphone.

But, I decided to listen to some wise friends who reminded me that a story is much more interesting when the storyteller is interesting.  

How they really said it?  “Sage, you gotta tell them who you are.”

So here we go.  It’s Naked Conversations story hour.

In this episode I talk about:
  • My unwavering curiosity about people, cultures, and making a difference
  • Our conditioning as girls/women to suppress our voice and self-expression
  • My big, hard lessons on the value of relationships, choices, and living life
  • Lessons as a teenager of divorce
  • Battling cancer as a young idealist
  • Death of a parent, while becoming a parent myself
  • Scary choice to leave my career after my second kid
  • My dream and vision for Naked Conversations
  • How you can participate and learn more about your own Naked path
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