EP22: Why I’m really trying to embrace change (and you should too) - Sage B. Hobbs
EP22: Why I’m really trying to embrace change (and you should too)
In today’s episode I’m jamming on how we manage change in our lives… because it’s everywhere, all the time, across the board.  And we often resist it.  It feels uncomfortable or scary.  We can feel out of control and stressed as changes arise.

But what if we could approach change in a way that really works for us?

What if we could have a dynamic relationship to the unpredictability of life, to the zigs and zags, to the ups and downs?

So, I tell stories of Monday morning meltdowns, control freak tendencies, new job stressors, yoga for the “seasoned” folks, juggling way too many roles, and more… all in the ways we dance with change in our lives.

And WHY?  I get into why the heck I want YOU to shift your relationship to change.  What’s in it for you (and the rest of us) when you make change your new BFF?

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