EP38: But who are you, really? - Sage B. Hobbs
EP38: But who are you, really?
It takes courage to live a truly naked life, to know yourself deeply (including the parts you don’t like that much or want to change), and then to share that truly naked self with others.

People never stop communicating, even in silence. And I’ve always wondered how we can learn to communicate to deeply connect with the people around us. This thought has been the foundation of my book, Naked Communication.

What exactly is naked communication?

Naked communication is deepening  your connections in all your relationships so you can have the love and fulfillment that you crave. It’s about expressing yourself inna courageous, clean, clear, and compassionate way – stripped from self-doubt and uncertainty.

Before building connections, you must start by knowing yourself on a deeper level. I know that this requires courage and it can be frightening to really look inside and open yourself to others. But as you do, you will feel so much more freedom.

In today’s show I talk about:
  • What naked communication is and how can one live a naked life
  • What role courage and commitment play in developing deeper connections with people
  • How I’m committed to helping women in owning their voice and making a difference in the world
  • How our circumstances dictate our reality, but we should be constantly trying to explore our privilege and create change
  • How communication can be a tool for connection
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