EP51: Chai for Charity: Doing BIG work and raising a family with Natasha Wright - Sage B. Hobbs

EP51: Chai for Charity: Doing BIG work and raising a family with Natasha Wright


I met today’s guest in an elevator and we’ve been friends ever since.  It sounds absurd, and it’s completely true.  I was immediately drawn to Natasha’s smile, big-heartedness, and brilliance. She’s incredibly humble-  while working hard to champion women’s success, support thriving leaders, champion local non-profits, and raising three young children.
Through all of her work, both at Google and at Chai for Charity, she creates community with a mission for the greater good.  Natasha is truly playing big in life, while being very relatable and honest.  There’s a nugget in here for everyone… about how we show up in life in meaningful ways, moving forward despite perfectionism, juggling family and work, creating community, and more.

We talk about:

  • Expanding our definition of giving back: 4 categories of contribution and donation
  • Women’s leadership development inside of Google
  • The Urdu word for “tea” and what it means about gathering, comfort, and community
  • Her family’s immigration story from Pakistan and how it informed who she is
  • Being the first in her family to go to college, and the values her parents taught her
  • Juggling a full-time career, raising 3 boys, and starting a non-profit
  • Engaging her husband and children in her vision of service
  • Struggling with perfectionism and how it can hold us back
  • THE 3 things that I want people to feel
  • Why it’s hard to ask for help

More about Natasha:

Natasha Wright is the Founder and Executive Director of Chai for Charity, a nonprofit that connects private donors to charities working to help women thrive locally. Natasha also manages executive development programs at Google where she arms Google’s senior leaders with the tools to navigate ambiguity, and confidently lead their teams through complex challenges.

She also leads Colorado’s women@Google effort which offers development opportunities, facilitates connections and builds a community of professional women who empower and inspire each other. Natasha has been with Google for 12 years, and previously worked in the nonprofit affordable housing field in Los Angeles where she also earned Sociology and Urban Planning degrees from UCLA. She and her husband are raising 3 small men in Lafayette, Colorado.

Connect with Natasha and her work:

On social @chaiforcharity

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