How can being a nerd make you feel passionate and alive? - Sage B. Hobbs

I was super proud when that first honor roll letter came home in the mail. Middle school, I believe. But, it was more about being a “good girl” than a passion for learning.

The Canterbury Tales and Mrs. Bintner helped to change that my Senior year of high school. She was old, with a slightly hunched back. And yet, she climbed up on her desk to recite, with rousing passion, what was really an ancient tale of sex and relationships.


I was hooked. Of course the sex part was intriguing to my teenage brain, but more so I just couldn’t believe that learning could be this fun and cool? I wanted more.

During college, graduate school, and coach training I looked for every opportunity to soak up the goods, to grow, to evolve. I liked school, but formal trainings alone never fulfilled that yearning completely.

So I added personal development courses, books, online training videos, conferences, conversations with mentors, and mastermind groups.

Anything that gets me pumped up and feeling more passionate.

I “take notes” from my 91 year old grandparents, who still read avidly and discuss their ideas and opinions freely. I watch how their brains still fire well into “old age.”

We have a big and loving family. With it comes the life’s “stuff.” A grandchild who is gay. Another who struggles with addiction. An infidelity. An unpleasant divorce. My grandparents handle it with an open mind that I find uncommon, and very inspiring. They’re big-hearted, lifelong learners, and so they’re willing to learn and love.

Being a “nerd” keeps life interesting. And keeps us feeling ALIVE.

We’ve never arrived. There’s never a point when we’ve got it all figured out.

But, we can stay committed to growth. We can keep studying, listening, and learning. We can support our passions and curiosity.

It’s courageous to be vulnerable, to admit we’ll never “know it all,” yet be excited to keep exploring. #nerdsunite!

One of the reasons that I LOVE what I do is because I get to “teach,” and be a part of people’s learning and growth. Nothing makes me more stoked than watching others have “a-ha” moments and make amazing shifts in their lives.

And, being a coach, ensures that I keep learning, studying, and growing along with my clients. It’s like a never-ending, win-win, nerd cycle of teaching and learning!

So…in the comments below, I’d love to know:

“What is ONE thing you’d still love to learn more about?”

You are badass + brilliant. The world is waiting for you to share your brilliance more fully.

As always, thank you for hanging out with me here in cyberland. I SO appreciate you and your willingness to keep growing. And, if you like getting my musings in your inbox, please share them with your friends.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant {+nerdy} life,

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