How do you get your sexy back?

When I was in Dallas a week ago for an amazing gathering of female entrepreneurs, I found myself talking to a lot of moms about feeling sexy.  It just kept coming up.  Women want to feel confident, desirable, energized, and sexy… and, if we’re honest, we like to talk about sex (even if through red cheeks and the help of wine.)

Before I knew it, I was at the microphone in front of nearly 200 women talking about how my business helps moms get their sexy back.  Oh sh*t.  I had just stepped out in a super public way about some of the work I do, and it had landed big time.  I knew I better start really thinking more intentionally about this whole sexy thing and why it’s so important, to both me and other women.


When I was 13 years old I showed up at my friend’s 8th grade graduation party, wearing a tight, black tanktop that my mom let me buy from Victoria’s Secret (it wasn’t as racy back then, promise!) And I felt sexy.  And I liked it.

From then on, I knew that I wanted that sexy feeling.  I wanted that feeling of confidence, beauty, and power.  I wanted to feel good in my body, and comfortable in front of others.  

Even when I was a teenager, going through the inevitable awkwardness of that time, and trapped in body comparison, I still knew on some level that I wanted that sexy feeling.

Fast forward about 20 years and I became a mom.  My world changed in a gazillion ways, and I lost that sexy feeling for a bit (when my body felt like an alien had taken over and inflated my breasts like beach balls).  There was a time when I would always choose sleep over sex.  There was a time when I lost my own interests and hobbies.

But, I had a long standing value on sexy.  Because sexy to me means confidence, beauty, power, and connection to my husband.  So, I started paying attention to what I needed to feel sexy.  And it wasn’t all about getting my pre-baby body back, but I did need to feel good in my body.  It wasn’t all about having sex, though I knew that was important.

Getting my sexy back was largely about knowing that I wanted (actually needed) to get it back, and exploring what I needed to do for that to be possible.  And then, the harder part, actually taking steps to make it happen. {HINT: start with buying some new underwear, for reals.}

So, what does sexy mean to you? And how badly do you want that sexy feeling?

In the comments below, I’d love to know…

“What does sexy mean to you?”

Your way back to sexy may be different from mine.  And maybe it wasn’t motherhood that threw you off course.

I believe that we all want to feel sexy, whatever that means to YOU.

Justin Timberlake style, it’s time to start bringing sexy back…

Because you are badass + brilliant and the world needs you.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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