How to get your butt in gear and get things done, starting now. - Sage B. Hobbs

I am many things, but patient isn’t always one of them (ask my 5 year old!).  I think quickly, talk quickly, and move quickly.  Maybe it’s the Philly girl in me.  Maybe it’s just my desire to live life to the very last drop.  Of course I can get my kids to the farmer’s market, write 3  blog posts, squeeze in a yoga class, have four client calls, and make dinner for my family, right?

While I’m always cultivating my patience, and slowing down to be fully present, I also know the value in being a high-energy doer.  Getting shit done rocks.  Don’t you feel satisfied when you’ve had a full day of fun and productivity?

So, let’s get going shall we?

All of my clients are amazing, brilliant women with big dreams.   We often talk about what gets in their way of getting their butts in gear and making those dreams become realities.

One of the top blocks is what I affectionately call “perfection paralysis.”   If everything isn’t just right, then we don’t finish (or sometimes even start) our idea/project/work.

In this video (I’m not letting perfection paralysis stop me from getting in front of the camera again!) you’ll learn 3 ways to get out of your own way and start making things happen.

So, let’s go!  You are full of ideas, desires, wisdom that the world needs. Below, tell us how you deal with perfection paralysis when it stops you in your tracks.   You know you’re not alone, and your experience and strategy may be just the thing that someone else needs to read to get them into action.

As always, thank you so much for welcoming me into your inbox each week.  I know how full our lives can be, and it means the world to me to be a part of your day.

If this was valuable to you, please pass it on.  The more we all get moving in the direction of our dreams, the better the world will be.

With love and gratitude,


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