How to keep things fun and light even when faced with new challenges - Sage B. Hobbs

Oh my gosh, these last few days have been a whirlwind, and the next few weeks might feel like a hurricane.  Here’s to dancing in the storm…

How do you keep some lightness and fun in your life even when faced with big, new, scary, exciting, and challenging things in your life?  This has been my top question lately.


I’ve been busily creating my upcoming program “Badass + Brilliant Motherhood: (Re)Discover Your Sexy in 6 Weeks,” which has me stretching and learning in all sorts of ways.

Phone “interviews” with moms while driving 4,000 + miles across multiple states with my 6 and 2 year old (and awesome husband too, of course!)

Wrestling with technology the likes of which I’ve never imagined (and being so psyched when I FINALLY, after much cursing, figure something out.)

Digging deep into my own sensuality, creativity, relationships, ambition, sense of sexiness, and womanhood… while also spending time with my kids and remembering to sleep and eat.  I exaggerate, there’s actually been a lot of fun woven in.  {Road trip was awesome!}

SO… it’s happening.  I’m birthing this baby.  You can find out more about “Badass + Brilliant Motherhood: (Re)Discover Your Sexy in 6 Weeks” here.  If you have questions about it, let me know and I’d love to answer them.

There’s an awesome early bird special until July 27th for you beautiful souls who’ve been following my journey.  You’re amazing, and I am forever grateful that you invite me into your crowded inbox and hang out with me in the digi-world.  Thank you.

This all comes back to… “How do you keep the lightness and fun?”

I think the number one answer is to this question is that you have to choose lightness and fun as a value.  They have to be important enough to you that you keep placing focus on them.

I sometimes suck at this.  When I’m doing big, new, exciting, scary, challenging things I just want to put my nose down and plow through, falling victim to my fears of vulnerability and my need for perfection.

But, that’s no bueno, my friends.

Instead, I went outside and called a friend.  Then, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone (because that’s part of badass + brilliant living) and did my first live broadcast on periscope.  I let it be light and fun.  I let it be about showing myself imperfectly.

Here’s a link.  I think it’s only live until tomorrow.

You’ll see that I had no idea what I was doing, but did it anyway. {HINT: The video is sideways}  That being human isn’t about being perfect.  That being seen can feel scary.  That being a mom AND staying true to your other passions is important.

Now, go forth and do one badass + brilliant thing today.  You are amazing, and the world needs your brilliance.

Then share with us what you did on the blog.  There’s no badass moment too small for sharing!

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life (and with much love),



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