I have a few stories for you… - Sage B. Hobbs

As I sit down to write to you, I ask myself “Which story should I tell that will be the most inspirational and give them the best tools they need to lead their lives more fully?”

Is it the story of facilitating a virtual listening circle for 50 school leaders, and how they didn’t take huge risks but they showed up. They engaged and took a step towards trust and collaboration.

Or is it the story of how I ended up in the ER in the middle of the night, and this angelic nurse (Graham, thank you!) took such good care of me. (I’m fine!)

Or maybe it’s the story of the class I’m taking on rewiring our brains and neuroplasticity with an amazing, older physician who really wants to bring ALL possible tools to people’s healing.

Or a client bravely trying something new – exploring mindfulness and their own emotional intelligence – to discover that they’ve been disconnected from how they actually feel for a long time.

And the list goes on. And on. And on.

What I realized is that all of these stories could’ve been the “right” one to offer to you.  There are teachings all around us, all the time, if we’re willing (and able) to pay attention.  And if we want to learn and grow.

For me, the throughline in these stories is the wonder and courage of HUMANITY.  

  • The transformation that can happen when people take courageous action.
  • The extraordinary empathy that a stranger can show another stranger, simply because they believe that’s how we should treat each other.
  • The curiosity of learning about neuroscience, because you want to be able to help more people live well, without suffering.
  • The beauty of building community, as folks navigate the messiness of the human experience together.

In my work, I have the profound privilege of supporting individuals and teams in their leadership growth – which includes all of the things I’ve just mentioned – courage, curiosity, growth mindset, empathy, and human connection.

So here’s your invitation:  

  • Bring some fresh curiosity into your work and your life.  Ask yourself, “What else might be possible here?  Is there something I’m not seeing?” 
  • Look for moments where humanity inspires you or brings you a sense of awe.  See if you can recognize the courage, the empathy, and the human connection.

Thanks for being in this conversation with me, truly. And please forward this letter to someone who may need it.

Wishing you meaningful connection, courageous conversations, and moments of joy,


PS: Want to work with me in 2024? Great! Here’s how I’m working with folks this year:

  • The Principal Leadership Program (for school leaders only)
  • Keynote Speaking at organizations, professional associations, conferences, or campuses
  • Team Trainings on Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, and Communication 
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Thought partnership and consulting for challenging people dynamics

My favorite topics for speaking and training are: 

  • Communication that builds connection (and improves success and wellbeing) 
  • Transforming difficult conversations into opportunities for connection
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Courage

If you’re interested in learning more, reply to this email and we’ll connect further!