Introducing Race, Culture, & Beyond: A Naked Conversations Podcast Series - Sage B. Hobbs

Hello friends,

This year is (finally) drawing to a close.  It’s been an exhausting and trying year in countless ways.  I don’t need to recount them for you here, you all know what you’ve been facing.  I’m reflecting on what I want to share with you about moving into the next year with self-grace, action, and hope…

For today, here are the three things that are top of mind.

Race, Culture, & Beyond: A Naked Conversations Podcast Series is LIVE TODAY (on iTunes)  

My co-host and friend, Erica Howard, and I have been messaging back and forth with both glee and trepidation.  We’re nervous to share it with you!  It’s way more vulnerable for me than earlier seasons of the show.  And, it feels way more important to me too. Like something that I had to do, regardless of what comes of it.

In this episode, I See You, we talk about:

  • The first time Erica felt the pain and terror of being called the N-word 
  • What triggers Sage when it comes to talking about race 
  • How Erica confronted “polite and curious” questions about her ethnicity 
  • What shocked Erica about the white people she interacted with during a “racial healing” conversation 
  • What Sage’s daughter had to say about the Madam Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris

And the second thing I want to share with you are the following:

Never say never.
Eating my words.
Jaw dropping friends and family.
Shaking my head at myself.

I’ve said more times than I can count “I’m never getting a dog.” And yet, here I am writing to you with a PUPPY on my lap!

Meet Blueberry… our reminder that we choose JOY over logistics.  

We gave a lot of thought to this pandemic puppy decision.  There were many reasons not to adopt this little one… work responsibilities, life responsibilities, the overwhelm-that-this-year-has-been responsibilities…

So, Nathan and I asked ourselves, “What’s our bigger commitment? As a family, how are we making our choices in alignment with those commitments?”

It became clear to us that the joys for our kiddos (and us) were worth it.  That we’re more committed to family joy, love, & comfort than we are to convenience (and let me tell you, it’s not convenient to have a puppy… especially at 3:00am).

So, I’m adapting. This has been the year of adapting.  I’ve literally NEVER lived with a dog in all my 43 years.  I’ve been “not a dog person” for as long as I can remember.

AND, we can change our minds!  Isn’t that a beautiful and exciting thing?!  You can change your mind too – to be more aligned with your bigger commitments.

Lastly, thank you.  

Truly, truly I appreciate you being a part of this community.  A community of folks who are up to something good in the world.  Who want to use their voices to build beautiful relationships and positive impact and live with courage.

With much love and more nakedness, 


Photo by Carsten Bleek