It's MLK Day... - Sage B. Hobbs

Hello friends,

I’m writing this letter to you on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so I’ve been reflecting on his work, the impact he made, and the legacy he created… and how to share it with my kids and others.

My central framework for all my coaching, training, and development is based on these three principles:

  • Clear vision
  • Courageous action
  • Communication for connection

These are my values.  My foundation. My guideposts for decisions and actions. My creative source material. My best intentions for my daily life. My goals in parenting. My ideals in leadership. My fear management tools. My teachings and learnings. My lens for living.

So when I read the NAACP member email to my kids this morning, and watched the “The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.” by Kid President, I was learning through the lens of these 3 principles.  And I was RE-amazed by the awesomeness of this man… his vision, courage, and community building.

I am a forever learner, stumbling my way forward “to know better and do better” (thank you Maya Angelou).

The more I talk, listen, watch, read, learn, and discover… the more I KNOW that it is the quality of our relationships that shapes our happiness, impact, and success.  

That without effective communication for greater connection, we will continue to struggle both individually and as communities.  

That we must keep holding a clear vision for a greater good, taking courageous action toward that vision, and connecting with each other as we do so.

Thank you to Dr. King for taking courageous action towards a clear vision and connecting with others to carry it forward. You were human, with your own challenges and mistakes, and you persisted for the dream of a better way.

Want to learn more so you can do better?

If you missed Episode 4, we explored:

  • What is antiracism? 
  • The difference between not being racist and being anti-racist
  • How all of us can be an antiracist
  • Struggling with speaking up and blending in
  • How you can do something – both on a policy and personal level 

In Episode 5, we’re talking about unconscious (and conscious) bias by exploring: 

  • What unconscious bias is (and isn’t) 
  • The mob of Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capital and how their actions (and the inaction of others) were informed by bias
  • Our feelings and reactions to the events of January 6th, and actions we’ve taken
  • Our own unconscious biases and “failing” the Implicit Association Test

Please share the show with anyone who’s interested in making a positive contribution to the greater good or learning more about these important conversations. Tell people about it, post it to your social media, listen in the car with your partner or friends.  

And as always, thank you for being a part of this community.  For exploring how you can live and lead more “nakedly.”


Photo by Harli Marten