Love, Validation, and Encouragement - Sage B. Hobbs

I’ll keep this short, sweet, and (hopefully) useful during this full time of year.


If you celebrate holidays this season (and even if you don’t), I’m wishing you love, connection, laughter, and peace.  

From my family to yours, thank you for being a part of my life, truly.


I always spend some time reflecting during this winter season and year’s end.  I offer you some questions that I use to guide me, so that I am truly celebrating progress before planning for the inevitable “what’s next.”

  • What are you proud of creating or accomplishing?
  • What progress have you made?
  • Where can you do some self-celebrating?

I find it incredibly powerful for my leadership development, and personal happiness, to actually spend some time with a paper and pen (yes, old school paper for this) on these questions. To give myself the amazing gift of pausing, taking time, to reflect and celebrate.


Since I’m a lifelong learner (and #proudnerd), I’m always finding/creating resources. Here are a few on how to have hard conversations, my Favorite books and the Science of Gratitude, and The Big Joy Project: Finding Happiness in Troubled Times. 

And finally,

If you (like me) sometimes need to be both validated and encouraged in this messy thing called living … Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

Yes, there is pain and suffering. AND, there is joy and hope.  

It’s a choice which one we lean into, every day. Some days may be more the former (recognizing that this season can bring up different feelings) and that’s okay. But remember that the latter is also an option. And each moment, you get to choose again.

Wishing you meaningful connection, courageous conversations, and moments of joy this new year and always,


P.S.  The Principal Leadership Program for school leaders in opening enrollment for the next cohort.  More coming soon, but we’re so excited to share!

P.P.S  I have a book, if you’re looking for a last minute gift for someone who wants to improve their interpersonal relationships!