Season 7 Ep 2: Rita Brent: On Being a Black, Queer Musician and Comedian from Mississippi - Sage B. Hobbs

Season 7 Ep 2: Rita Brent: On Being a Black, Queer Musician and Comedian from Mississippi


Season 7 continues to bring phenomenal guests and conversations. 

We have an incredible guest on this episode, whom we “met” at a live comedy show in Austin, TX.  She is bold and honest, unafraid to speak to injustices and is just damn funny. We are such big fans of Rita Brent and we are beyond excited that she is joining us today. 

In this show we're talking about:

  • How the places we live can cultivate (or hinder) our talents.
  • Using curse words: when are they necessary, and when do they detract from the value of the message?
  • Cancel culture: who gives who the power to cancel? Who is the author of this cancellation?
  • Being strategic in the internet age: everything we say can be used against us.
  • Disarming through humor – using comedy to shake opinions and resonate deeply.
  • Greater popularity means greater responsibility. How should we use our platforms?
  • Why it is important to acknowledge and accept our fears, and not leave this earth with regrets.

More about the hilarious and brilliant Rita Brent

Rita Brent is a comedian, musician, and military veteran from Jackson, Mississippi. She discovered her love for music as a young girl performing in talent shows and southern Baptist churches as a drummer alongside her mother and singer-pianist, Angela. She credits her mother as the one who helped cultivate and support her talents. At age 18, she joined the 41st Army National Guard Band where she served for nine years and ended her time in service as a sergeant. Rita graduated from her beloved HBCU, Jackson State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass and Speech Communication, and pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

After graduating from JSU she landed at Mississippi Public Broadcasting where she served as a Radio Host and Producer. In March 2013, Rita made a sharp turn and plunged into a career as a stand-up comedian. Since then, she’s been featured on Kevin Hart’s Hart of the City, TruTV’s Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks, and Epix TV’s Unprotected Sets. Rita has released three singles, “Kamala,” “Raised in the Sipp,” and “I Deserve to Be Alive”. She currently tours as a feature act with her mentors, Rickey Smiley and Cedric the Entertainer. Rita wrote for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, MusiCares Person of the Year, and Netflix’s “Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration”. Rita is currently on The Born Funny Tour, her first as a headlining act.

Thank you for listening to the show. It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with you. They are necessary and needed and we are here to do the work.

Xo, Sage & Erica

Here are the beautiful resources we mention:

What Rita is currently hooked on:

  • Reading: Viola Davis’s “Finding Me”, Christine Plant’s “Afrominimalist”
  • Watching: Stranger Things, First Ladies, The Lincoln Lawyer

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