Season 7 Episode 5: The What and Why of Truth and Reconciliation - Sage B. Hobbs

Season 7 Episode 5: The What and Why of Truth and Reconciliation


“Own the history, tell the truth, sit with the discomfort.”

Since our chat with Amy Hunter last week, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about Truth and Reconciliation. In this episode, we take a deep dive into its history, its applications, and what it would mean for the U.S. to adopt its own T&R process.

In this show we're talking about:

  • Truth and reconciliation: what does it really mean?
  • Does the U.S. need a T&R commission?
  • Feeling personally attacked: this isn’t about you, and you don’t need to get your feelings hurt.
  • Being representative of your race: Black folks are constantly equated to their race. White people can own their whiteness, too.
  • Imagining truth & reconciliation: what would it look like? Who would be in the room?
  • You don’t have to agree, but you can listen.
  • Apologies: do they mean anything? What if there was a system to walk us through this?
  • Sage’s ABCDE framework for cross-cultural communication.

Thank you for listening to the show. It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with you. They are necessary and needed and we are here to do the work.

Xo, Sage & Erica

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Marianne’s letter of apology

1619 Project

Sage’s ABCDE approach to cross-cultural communication

  • Approach with respect
  • Be curious (with discretion)
  • Communication for connection (clean, clear, compassionate, courageous)
  • Dialogue (encourage discussion, don’t shut it down)
  • Educate yourself (diversify sources, you’re never done learning)

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