Season 8 Episode 2: Hope Against All Odds - Sage B. Hobbs
Season 8 Episode 2: Hope Against All Odds


Are you finding it hard to stay optimistic lately? Our positivity has been having a beatdown too. In this episode, Sage reaches out to Erica for support and guidance through a difficult time, and we discuss strategies for restoring a sense of hope and agency amidst times that can feel quite disempowering. 

In this show we're talking about:

  • What does it take to keep having hope?
  • Strategies for regaining a sense of agency
  • Allowing and accepting emotions 
  • Acknowledging the difficulty of living in this moment in history
  • Complex PTSD, survival mode & trauma

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Sage: Speaking, leadership development & coaching, team building, and group facilitation On LinkedIn

Erica: Executive coaching and organisational strategy at Flying Colors LLC

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