Season 8, Episode 8: This is Goodbye (ish) & Thank You! - Sage B. Hobbs
Season 8, Episode 8: This is Goodbye (ish) & Thank You!


5 seasons, 51 raw, awkward & brave conversations later, we’ve arrived at our finale.

This is definitely not the end of us using our voices to speak up against injustice & work for radical change, just the end of our podcast. We are so grateful for all of you being with us in this work; listening, learning and acting. Be brave & keep it up y’all.

In this show we're talking about:

  • Sharing emotional labor between friends
  • How has building this podcast together impacted us each personally?
  • How are we carrying the vision for a more equitable and just world forward from here?

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Erica: Executive coaching and organizational strategy at Flying Colors LLC

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