Speaking Up About What Matters to YOU - Sage B. Hobbs

Ugh, politics.  If I get one more text message that aims to strike fear and panic in me, I’m going to lose it. I. Am. Over. It.  But, that doesn’t mean I’ll fall quiet and be still.

I won’t let the annoyance of it all overshadow the IMPORTANCE of it all

For years I’ve been writing about naked communication.  About your personal happiness and professional success being directly connected to the quality of your relationships. About the power and magic of authentic communication to affect positive change. About knowing what REALLY matters to you, and finding the courage to share it with others.

When I think about this moment in time – only a few days out from the 2020 presidential election in the US, with a major social justice movement underway, and my beautiful state literally on fire – I look for where I can find my voice, take action, and encourage others.

I’m voting for…

Community, connection, integrity, and equity.

The aspirational goals of this creative country… “with liberty and justice for all.”

Aspirational because we have never yet achieved the inclusivity and freedom that we say we stand for.  Our history is messy and imperfect. And, so are we as human beings.

But we’re also incredible in our unwavering determination to stay hopeful and stand up for what we believe in.

I’m voting for…

Community, connection, integrity, and equity.

Learning more and doing better with active and intentional anti-racism.

Our Black and Brown boys and girls, sons and daughters, neighbors and friends to safely play in their neighborhoods and shop in our stores and lead our organizations.

I’m voting for…

Community, connection, integrity, and equity.

Public education that will strive for desegregation and equitable educational opportunities for all of our children, even in its flawed and failed history.

Public healthcare that is offered affordably AND with dignity for everyone in our communities.

I’m voting for…

Community, connection, integrity, and equity.

People gathering for birthday parties and graduations under skies free of orange light and raining ash from unprecedented forest fires impacted by climate change.

My great grandchildren’s ability to safely catch crawdads in the summer in our local creeks and explore the forests. 

I’m voting to the best of my ability.  

I don’t know everything by a long shot, and I’ve been shaped by my own life experiences like everyone else.  

So, it’s imperfect, but it’s well thought out and true to my values. 

I aim to choose curiosity over assumption, to listen to people’s stories.  

I don’t always get this right, but then I try again.  

I read more about what I don’t understand.  

I have conversations with my painter and stylist about the division in our country.  I look for where we can seek to understand the so-called “other” side.

For example, I am fully pro-choice, and I hope women never have to have one. I believe in the value of both taxes and hardwork. We’re more complicated than only “this” or “that.”

I aim to listen to understand, even if I don’t always agree. Again – not easy, but needed.

I watch shows and movies that broaden my perspective. I look at my own blindspots, asking myself the hard questions about whether I’m willing to do what it takes to support positive change. 

So, I’m voting to raise my property taxes in order to support our state’s public education. It will cost me money.  But if I believe that public access to quality education matters, I gotta be willing to help pay for it. And yes, that may be a privileged perspective, to be able to give a few thousand dollars more to my state government.  But I believe that the cost to my community is far greater when kids don’t have what they need to learn.

I’m voting for…

Community, connection, kindness and equity.

I’m voting for… Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Not because I think they’re the most amazing humans who will do it all perfectly.  (They’ve made policy choices that I haven’t always agreed with, but I’m glad I’m not judged for choices I made 20 years ago…)

I’m voting for them because when I look at the values that matter to me and the world that I want my kids to grow up in – there is a need for empathy and listening. A belief that inequity exists and a desire to make it better. Simply put, I’m voting for the pair that I believe is most closely aligned with community, connection, integrity, and equity.

So… What matters to you?

How do you speak up, listen, and vote?

I’m not asking you to actually tell me… but I want you to give it some real thought.  It may be cheesy, but your voice matters.  

With love and more nakedness,



Photo by Glen Carrie