What’s your favorite way to spend your money? - Sage B. Hobbs

Hello everyone,

 I hope that your summer is off to a good start, and you find more time to be outside with the longer days.

We’re talking about approaching life with curiosity, courage, and choice in today’s piece.

My absolute favorite way to spend money is on experiences, not things.

My 15 year old has his first “job” this summer, an unpaid internship.  When I picked him up after his initial seven-hour shift, he told me all of the things he’d been tasked with just on day one.  

It was awesome to hear how he’d had to:

  • Figure things out on his own (hello, resilience!).
  • Exercise courage (yes to making his first sale!)
  • Receive feedback and learn quickly (Um, assembling 5 skateboards at once!)

And at the end of the day, he said, “That was a long day!”

I think he may have understood what work really means for the first time, and he was proud of himself.

As a mom, this experience is truly priceless for life’s lessons in today’s world.

But also as a business owner and  coach, listening to him made me reflect on self-leadership:

    • How we make choices – about our time, our energy, and our money.
    • How we discern what we really want from what is just a distraction.
    • How we live by design and not by default. 

My family is leaving for Europe this month.  We will spend three weeks visiting friends in London and Spain, then meeting up with some more family in Greece.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been almost embarrassed to tell people about our summer plans, like it’s too extravagant. 

Will people judge us, wondering  “How can a small business owner and teacher afford this?”

And while I recognize the extreme privilege it is to travel, to not have to “clock-in” to work as many do… I’m also aware that this is how we choose to spend our money.  And we don’t spend our money on other things, so we can spend it on going places.

Oftentimes we live our lives with little sense of choice or freedom, when that isn’t actually true.   

Do we have responsibilities as adults that need to be tended to? Yes, of course.

Are some folks working harder to make ends meet, with many more barriers than others face? Yes, absolutely.


When I work with social-impact leaders and school administrators, the themes are the same.  

Assuming their basic needs are met (as a former counselor – Maslow’s hierarchy!), 

I challenge them to approach life with curiosity, courage, and choice.

It’s a powerful way to live and lead.

And my personal and professional experience shows me the extraordinary value in leaning into this way of approaching one’s life.

So, I’m going to enjoy time traveling, exploring, and having new experiences with my family this summer. 

 I really, really wanted this life we’ve built together. 

And, like most of you,  it has not been without many challenges, loss, and setbacks.

How are you living and leading with curiosity, courage, and choice?

And if you’re not, and you want some help with that approach, please see the P.S. below.

Thanks for being in this conversation with me, always.

In community,

P.S. I currently have 2 openings for 1:1 Leadership Coaching with me. 

If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email. I’m looking forward to it 😀

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What I’m Into Lately:

Downton Abbey:  I’m watching this all over again with my daughter, and we are so into it.  Amazing discussions about class, women’s rights (or lack thereof), war, power, and love.

Summer splurge and bonding with my “baby.”