Why do you HAVE to have more fun in life? - Sage B. Hobbs


I was standing out under a huge open sky. There was a crazy lightening storm on the horizon, but I was totally dry.  Huge red rocks were looming high above me.  The green hills rolled beyond the rocks.  And the city skyline peaked out from the plains.

I was dancing my ass off.  I was jumping up and down.  I was smiling like a kid with a pile of presents.  At times, I was moved to tears.

Michael Franti at Red Rocks amphitheater.  {Sidenote: He is a genius at creating an instantly loving community of strangers, and weaving in his beliefs about peace and service while having FUN. I could write a whole piece about that alone!}

My playfulness and passion were lit up again.  Hope and love were literally pulsing in me. (A bit woo-woo, but true.)


I said to my husband, who was doing his own version of shaking his booty next to me, “Why the hell don’t we do this more often?”

I looked at my mom and sister on the other side of me, getting their groove on, and thought “Multiple generations of spirited women.”

We NEED to feel ALIVE in order to be fulfilled (and live a badass + brilliant life!)  

Having fun and being playful are quick and easy ways to get back in touch with that core desire to make life meaningful.

Sometimes we think (and society reinforces) that the big, “significant” acts of life are what really matter.  

But, the truth is, when you feel more ALIVE, those big, “significant” contributions you want to make in the world are WAY more likely to actually happen.

Now, you can’t just play your way to every goal in your life, but you can bring a spirit of fun into your daily “tasks.”  You can use fun and play to reignite your passion and energy… so that you can then harness it to kick ass and really make things happen!

Boredom and ho-hum daily living does not fuel our inspiration, and thus it’s harder to take action.

Okay, enough of my soapbox.  Let me break it down super easy.

Your fieldwork:  Go. Have. FUN.

Yep, feel that playful and passionate energy again.  Give it a turbo boost.  

And then, in the comments below I’d love to know…

“What’s one FUN thing you did?”  Anything counts.  You get to decide what’s fun for YOU!

Lastly, THANK YOU.  It truly means the world to me to share the badass + brilliant adventure with you.  I know your lives are full, so thanks for “hanging” with me.  If you like reading my post and being a part of the community, please invite your friends to join us.

Yours in living a badass + brilliant life,



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