Why taking risks makes life worth living: 3 effective ways to go after what you want - Sage B. Hobbs

Why taking risks makes life worth living.  Goodbye stability, hello creativity.  

As many of you know, I recently had a second baby, left my job, and launched my own business.  So, I’ve reflected a lot on risk and choice lately.  Here are some of my learnings and some pointers for you.

It’s the inevitable moment of decision.  Our hearts and minds seem to be at a tug-of-war.  Ever wanted something badly, yearned for it really, but “knew” it wasn’t the “right” choice right now?  Even if it is just the cheeseburger vs. the salad?

How do we tackle choice and risk, so that we have true power to generate our own lives?

Below you’ll find 3 effective ways to go after what you want, and manage the risks along the way.

I recently jumped into a new adventure, and left stability behind.  Occasionally, when my familiar friend, self-doubt, pays me a visit, I wonder if I’m crazy.  Who leaves a secure career, that is 5 minutes from home, with 3 months paid leave a year?!  I did.

Here’s the deal, I thought long and hard about making the leap into entrepreneurship.  I did the math repeatedly to see how our family could continue to eat, and how I might still retire eventually.  I researched.  I saved.  I discussed it at nauseum with my husband.  And then, ultimately, I chose.

I chose excitement.  I chose creativity.  I chose possibility.  And, in all of that, I chose risk.

Here are 3 ways to help you go after what you want:

  1. Get connected with your WHY.  What is the passion behind the risk?  How badly do you want it? How would it make a difference in your life?  When you are clear on your WHY, so much so that you get teary and your stomach flip-flops because for a fleeting moment you can actually taste the excitement and possibility, sit with it.  Be with the WHY for hours, days, maybe weeks.  Let it marinate.  Keep coming back to that juicy, teary feeling.  The WHY will drive you.
  2.  Sketch it out.  Ask yourself the practical questions about the risk, and then answer those questions.  How much money do I truly need to live on?  How much time will this new endeavor require?  What happens if I fail?  When you get real with the nitty-gritty, you get into action, and the risk becomes more manageable and less terrifying.
  3.  Start talking.  Tell people your ideas.  Put it out into the universe.  Watch as creativity comes back to you the more you put it out there.  It’s amazing.  Our thoughts and words become our lives, so don’t be stingy.  Start sharing yourself.  If you want to be a writer, introduce yourself as one.  In that moment, you are!


I so appreciate that you use your valuable time to read this and participate in this endeavor to have a thriving life, and thus change the world.

As always, please share this with people in your life. We want all people playing for purpose, joy, and wealth in the world!

With love and gratitude,





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