EP25: The Power of Healing in Community with Sera Snyder - Sage B. Hobbs
EP25: The Power of Healing in Community with Sera Snyder
How can we do “healing” better? How can we approach physical challenges with more grace, self-compassion, and support? How can we see pain as an opportunity for growth and wellness?

These are some of the questions that today’s guest, Sera Snyder of Healing U., has asked herself since being diagnosed with a rare abdominal tumor a decade ago. She dove deep into her own physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in order to move through the pain she uncovered from her illness.

I loved this conversation with Sera because she’s so passionate, so fired up about helping women heal together, and so honest about her personal struggles. From perfectionism to eating disorders to loneliness… we get into all of it.  If you find it as inspiring as I did, please share it with your friends and subscribe to the show (Thank you!)

We talk about:
  • How a Desmoid tumor ignited a healing journey
  • What it means to really feel like you’re enough, just as you are
  • Steps to deal with our anger, and other emotions
  • Ending her war with her body and eating disorder recovery
  • Freedom from isolation and loneliness
  • Healthcare and the healing process
More about Sera:
Sera is on a mission to use her voice, experience and passion for wellness to inspire healthy change. As a survivor of a rare abdominal tumor at the age of 26, Sera uses her life’s story to challenge the way we honor our personal health and overall wellness.

Sera is the founder of Healing U. Women’s Wellness, an educational community created to help women heal from the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that comes from experiencing health challenges. Healing U. offers in-person retreats, virtual programs and one day workshops.

She also founded Running for Answers (RFA), a running event that brings together a community to raise money and awareness for desmoid tumors (the cancer she experienced). The race has raised over $1.5 million for desmoid research and ignited a movement in this rare disease community. Her story to build and grow this initiative has been featured in USA Today Health & Wellness, Men’s Fitness, on the Dr. Oz Show and CBS Philadelphia.

Sera also uses her organizational, business and marketing talents to help innovative healthcare practitioners serve patients, like her, who need expertise on their healing journey. Sera is known for using an authentic and simple approach to increasing revenue, developing referral streams that convert, and building partnerships.

Sera currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Between passionately sharing her enthusiasm about health & wellness, you can find her laughing with her closest friends, sipping green tea while reading a good memoir or hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

You can connect with Sera, learn more about her work, and grab her FREE e-book, “Find the Healing Your Body Really Needs” at www.healingu.org

This e-book will guide you through learning to listen to your body and find the healing your body really needs. Stop running from doctor to doctor and listen to your own inner wisdom.

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