EP53: Exhale to Inhale: Empowering Survivors with Zoe LePage - Sage B. Hobbs

EP53: Exhale to Inhale: Empowering Survivors with Zoe LePage


One of my closest friends has been on the board of Exhale to Inhale for years.  As someone who is passionate about women’s rights and leadership, who loves yoga, and who has supported teen survivors as a school counselor, I’ve been inspired by their work and have contributed to the organization.

I was curious to learn more about how this important work came into being, and how it has grown to support more and more survivors of violence over time. This conversation with Zoe, the founder and executive director, is honest and real about what the journey has been and why it’s so important for us as women to courageously show up.

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We talk about:

  • How and why she started a non-profit organization while in college
  • The shame and secrecy of domestic violence
  • Exploring privilege, access, and opportunity
  • How yoga changed her life and yoga as a tool for healing
  • The idea of opting-in to leadership, even if you don’t know exactly “how”
  • The #metoo and #timesup movements
  • Intention vs. impact

About Zoe:

Zoë is proud to be the Founder and Executive Director of Exhale to Inhale. Zoë found personal strength and comfort in yoga before completing her yoga teacher training in 2009. As a senior at Barnard College in 2013, Zoë founded Exhale to Inhale. She created the vision for the organization and ensured the correct individuals and systems were in place to make her vision become a reality. Zoë spent three years as a consultant at a boutique consulting firm in New York City, before gratefully returning full time to Exhale to Inhale. She is committed to curiosity, and to choosing joy and gratitude. Zoë is thankful to all of her teachers both on and off the mat.

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