EP55: Becoming a Better Advocate, Ally, and Leader - Sage B. Hobbs

EP55: Becoming a Better Advocate, Ally, and Leader


Season 3 is HERE!

Here’s what I want to get into in season 3

  • Courageous curiosity
  • Hard questions and big problems

Honestly, I don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, because this is a creative project. I’m making it with you.  If you have ideas, message me on Instagram or email me sage@sagebhobbs.com

Here’s what I’ve been up to during the podcast pause:

  • I spoke at Google international women’s day – Brave, Naked and Imperfect (episode 43)
  • Spoke to a college class on naked communication and intersection of communication and racism Q & A
  • Developed and facilitated change management and culture shift training to a school staff in transition
  • Executive coaching with school principals
  • Facilitating women’s leadership 9-month program inside a corporation with EW
  • Coaching individual women who want to live, love, and lead more courageously and with greater impact
  • And being a family woman and life long learner…
  •  I took my son to NYC
  • Watched my daughter finish kindergarten
  • My son’s act in Julius Caesar
  • My husband wraps up his 15th year as a teacher and SEL leader
  • Camping trip in Moab
  • Family visits and birthday parties

Today’s question: 

How can I do better at being an advocate, ally, and leader?

White Fragility training with Dr. Robin DiAngelo → so much, I’ll cover in a later episode or blog post (check it out on my site), but one key takeaway is how narrow our definition of racist (individual, intentional, conscious harm) is which exempts us from identifying as racist, when in fact we ALL participate as white folk in the benefits of a racist system

Here are the beautiful resources I mention:

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We need all of us to have the big a-has, and then take the action to match them, to live love and lead for the greater good, courageously.

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