5 Ways to Get Unstuck

I. Hate. Being. Stuck.  Like a fly on one of those sticky sheets, just miserable.  

So, I’ve looked for ways to get myself (and my clients) back in action.  To rebuild momentum.  To make things happen.

I’m known to be a doer. An activator.  A Leo.  Fire energy.  I’m an action taker.  

But sometimes it’s to my detriment, if I don’t slow down long enough to make sure I’m taking the right action.  So, for me stuck can look “busy” when in fact I’m spinning my wheels by trying a million different things at once.  And while it might appear that I’m moving… I’m actually feeling super stuck.  If this is you, these steps will help you as well.

Being stuck is a horrible feeling that can literally paralyze you from doing the work you are here to do.  And, believe me, if you’re reading this you are here to do awesome work in the world.

In my first year of business I felt stuck a lot, and I often still do (especially when I sit down to write my book, which is truly outside of my previous experience!) But I don’t stay there long, because as I mentioned, I. hate. being. stuck.

So, let’s talk about getting unstuck.  

NOTE: What I’ll offer here is a simplified version.  Stuck can be a BIG thing in your life that can require practice, patience, and perhaps coaching.  Be kind to yourself. One step at a time.  

But there are some things you can actually DO to activate yourself when you find yourself at a stand still. Or a screeching halt.

To recap- 5 ways to get unstuck:

1. Call on your cheerleaders: cultivate a team of people who are committed to you being the best version of yourself and who remind you of this when you’re stuck

2. Do one thing: Doing nothing guarantees staying stuck.  Sometimes just doing one thing is the jumpstart you need to help you regain momentum.

3. Call yourself out:  Tell your community publicly that you’ll deliver on something so you hold yourself accountable in a bigger way

4. Go inside:  Take 10 minutes to just be with the feeling of stuckness, like journaling, meditating, or quietly drinking tea and tuning into your body

5. Get outside:  Literally.  Fresh air and movement are a magical elixir.  No matter the weather, freezing or frying, get the air on your skin.

So, in the comments below, I’d love to know…

“What is ONE thing that you’re going to do to get back into action?”

Remember, you can’t grow your business, share your vision, or build your dream by staring at the ceiling.

Yes, quiet time, internal reflection, pausing to breathe are critical for success.

And, ultimately, you have to take strides to propel your vision forward.   Remember, you are a badass and the world needs what you have to offer.

Step by step.  Onward.  You’ve got this.