Take a Pause - Sage B. Hobbs

What are you up to over in your corner of the world?

How are your relationships? Your work? Your joy? Your commitments to things that matter to you?

Please try not to panic when you consider these questions!  
Just take this small moment to reflect on life these days.  
Really, how are you doing?

This is a MUST… Take a pause. A breather. Some space. A bath. A walk. Slowing down to actually check-in with yourself and how this life of yours is going.

Two days ago I was reduced to tears by my second grade daughter’s homework assignment.  Literally. Sew the hair and clothes on a sock doll of her hero?!?!  It was the “straw” that put me over the edge.  

I was reminded that I needed to PAUSE to reflect, and make some pivots accordingly.

Many deep breaths, some early morning walks with my puppy (who is now huge and can basically walk me), reaching out to some friends for support, and some coaching later… here I am.  

Still with lots of balls in the air.  Still having said yes to too many awesome projects.  Still in a messy kitchen. Still without the hero sock doll sewn.

But with more peace, joy, and purpose again – Thankfully (for me and all who live with me, LOL).

So, my kids (and my teacher husband) are counting down the days until summer (currently 5 more school days.) We’re all so ready for longer days and less rush.

I’m working with school administrators and their staff on building positive cultures and student success.  
With public health leaders on building diverse pipelines and measuring their impact. 
With corporate women on developing their leadership identity. 
With my dear friend and podcast cohost on interracial friendship and antiracism. 
With my kids and my husband on listening to each other, staying connected through the tween years, and keeping our household running (mostly) without disaster.
With myself.  Always with myself… to have more self-compassion and grace. To be more courageous and bold in my work and what’s important to me.  To accept my challenges and shortcomings. 

Pause. Ask yourself: 
How am I doing, really? 

And then make some small adjustments where needed.
This is a must.

AND, what I’m SO excited about is this week’s guest on the Race, Culture, & Beyond podcast.  I’m truly fangirling this amazing woman – Mirna Valerio (aka The Mirnavator).  If you don’t know her from her viral REI video (watch it!), Lululemon billboards, her book, or talks on being a Black, plus sized, professional athlete-ultrarunner-activist… get ready to be Blown Away.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or HERE.

Much love and more nakedness,