Work-life balance. Yes, please! - Sage B. Hobbs

Sage Hobbs-0120Here’s the scene, which many of you will find familiar in some way.  Friday morning, heading out the door to get my son to kindergarten when I hear “Mom, emergency!”  Stop putting on baby’s boots, and run into son’s bedroom.  “I’m super sorry, mom.  I threw up all over my books two nights ago and forgot to tell you”

  1. How did we not know this had happened?!
  2. Gross!  We’re running late, and now I’m cleaning up beautiful books that are now wearing a new coat of disgusting.

How do you transition between these mornings and the new client calls, meetings, networking events, or whatever your work life holds?

Work/life balance… the age old dilemma.  Can you have a thriving career and a joyous home?  Hell yeah!  It’s messy.  It’s sometimes chaotic.  And, it’s wildly fun.

Here are the “3 Ps” I’ve been using lately to make my life run smoothly, even amidst those crazy moments.

Below, please tell us how you maintain work-life balance (or awesomeness!) in your life. When you share your strategies and experiences,  you inspire others to contribute and take action.  Woohoo!

As always, thank you so much for welcoming me into your inbox each week.  I know how full our lives are, and it means the world to me to be a part of your day.

If this was valuable to you, please pass it on.  The more we all get moving in the direction of our dreams, the better the world will be.

Keep being brilliant and badass,


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